Welcome to Hummingbird Vineyard and Winery. Where every bottle of wine and every flavor is original to our beautiful state. From vine to wine, with passion and love, we create our juices from only Missouri grapes. From the vine to the bottle, the whole process is done on site.

We are proud to introduce the essence of our land, right here at Hummingbird Vineyard and Winery. Come, Be our guest!




Where The Magic Happens…

Down the back roads, through the fields of Mexico. Where the gravel dust lightly coats the roadsides. Where the hummingbirds chase and the deer frollick.

It is this part of the world, where you build lifelong memories full of laughter with friends and family as you savour the exhilarating flavor and aroma of Missouri wine. 

As you soak in the afternoon sun, and take in all that nature has to offer. Feel your cares grow lighter than ever and truly enjoy the here and now. Breathe in the fresh air as the slight winds twirl through your hair like a child's playful fingers. Set your worries aside and just be. 


We are currently closed for January & February, but look forward to seeing everyone again in March. Stay safe & warm