In 1993, David E Runge, of Bloomington, IL, purchased the Runge Farm land where the winery sits today. He was formerly a catastrophe claims rep for State Farm until he retired and moved with his dog Gertrude.

He share-cropped most of his land, but started building his home on the farm in 2005.  After retirement Dave became interested in wine-making shortly after settling down in the small town of Mexico.

When the idea wouldn't stop resurfacing, he found himself dreaming about building a winery where he would produce a delectable treat for all who wanted to enjoy. He planted his first vines in 2011.

Some Interesting Facts:

Dave's favorite bird is the Hummingbird, hense the name!

Gerty is supposed to be the Winery security, beware of licking!





The first wine processed at Hummingbird Vineyard, began in 2014. It was fine tuned and bottled in 2015.

Those bottles were distributed as gifts to friends and family. Semi-Sweet Vignole was the first of 6 wines to be bottled.

Hummingbird Vineyard and Winery became a bonded Missouri winery in 2016.

Our All Day Red & Autumn Frost our now going to be avaiable at Hugo’s Italian Ristorante right here in Mexico, MO. Be sure to stop by and get a glass of your favorite and enjoy a meal of their amazing food!