Missouri Norton

Refined and polished, this wine has a medium dry finish and deep red clarity.  $16

Semi-Sweet Vignole

A pale yellow, crisp, and clear white wine with a citrusy, off dry, light bodied flavor.  $14


An opulent, velvety treat.  The beautiful purple color compliments it’s smooth, very sweet finesse.  $16

Autumn Frost

A silky, voluptuous, blended wine with a brilliant red hue and a sweet, naturally grapy appeal. $18


All Day Red

A soft, steely palette satisfier. Clean and complex, with a ruby red color and a sweet finish for your all day enjoyment. $13


A dry, full-bodied red wine with smooth balanced finish. $16



Dry White Table Wine

A dry cayuga grape which produced a clean and crisp taste, with a very light, flavorful finish. $14


Hickory Ridge Apple Wine


A fruity granny smith apple in a liquid form, tart yet subtly sweet flavor to keep your taste buds guessing till the end $14


Hickory Ridge Sweet Apple Wine


A smooth, crisp sweet apple wine with an intense flavorful finish $14



All Hummingbird Wine is made from 100% Missouri grapes. They have been produced from the vine to the tasting room at our winery.

Wine bought by the case is discounted at $20 per case and cases may be mixed at customer request.

Wine Tasting

9 wines 7.00

Beer (12 oz)

Budweiser $3.00

Bud Light $3.00

Michelob Ultra $4.00

Michelob Ultra Lime $4.00

Busch $3.00

Busch Light $3.00

Slushy (14 oz)

Tumbler Cup $18.00

Tumbler Cup Empty $9.00

Tumber Refill $10.00

Single Glass $10.00

Slushy (9 oz)

Color Changing Cup $6.00

Souvenir Glass

Souvenir Etched Glass $8.00

Color Changing Cup $2.00

Other Beverages

Soda $1.00

Bottled Water $1.00

Bring food and snacks if you like!

Tax applies to all packaged products and merchandise.

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